Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoo Trip!!!

Today we ventured out to the Phoenix Zoo.  On half days Brooke only goes to school until 9:40 (why bother??) so I decided to get out for the day.  I guess I didn't think it would be too hot, but let me tell you when its 104, its HOT.   The good thing about it being hot is hardly anyone is at the zoo and you don't have to deal with crowds.  The bad part is that none of the animals are out because they are smart enough to be inside their air conditioned rooms!  Luckily the zoo has some splash pads and we spent the majority of our time there.  I ended up buying a yearly pass so we can enjoy it more when the weather cools down.

Here we are at the orangutan exhibit.  This lovely lady was hiding until we came up and then she ran up to the window!

I packed lunches which were a big hit and easy on the wallet ;) They had kid sized picnic tables on a lake with huge birds so the kids were very entertained.

Of course we had to ride the carousel.  Madeline chose to ride the lion and Brooke rode the zebra.
At the end of our day, we finally found the giraffes and ostriches.  Those were what they wanted to see and lucky for me they were in the same exhibit (and had shady benches with misters blowing on me).

Here is a bonus pic of Madeline at the splash pad. 

Overall we had a great day.  Of course on the walk to the car I had to endure the 5 year old "I am dying because I am so thirsty and tired" speech.  We only saw half of the zoo today but since we now have passes we can go back and see the other animals on another day (preferably one that is under 100 degrees). 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm back!!!

Whew! It's been a whirlwind summer for sure! We are all moved into our new house and things are finally settling down. This poor blog has been neglected. We just got our Internet set up last night! A month with only being able to use my phone for the internet was rough! So this week I plan to return to the blog world and get this baby up and running again!


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