Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meal Plans week of Feb 26th

Yes, I have been a meal planning slacker.  Madeline is up to her afternoon shenanigans again so my cooking time has been limited.  

Sunday:  Chicken Noodle Soup
Monday: Taco Pizza
Tuesday:  order in :)
Crockpot Wednesday:  Cilantro Lime Chicken over rice
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Home made Mac N Cheese, green beans, salad
Saturday:  Grilled Steaks, Risotto Cakes, salad

My experience with MRSA

I am writing this post to hopefully spread the word about the dangers of Staph infections.  We have all heard about them on the news, especially MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a type (strain) of staph bacteria that does not respond to some antibiotics that are commonly used to treat staph infections.)  The media likes to call it "the super bug" because once it gets into the blood stream it is very hard to treat.  Below is my account of what happened to me back in January.

January 3rd, while at my parents house in California, I began to feel a zit developing in my right nostril.  This happens from time to time so I never thought twice about it.  It did hurt more than usual, but I blew it off.  I do believe at some point I tried to pop it but was not successful.  I also tried hot compresses and neosporin.  The next day, on the 4th, I woke up to a swollen upper lip.  Still I was not connecting it to my nose or anything, but I did feel a lot of random sharp pains throughout the day which was odd.

The next day, January 5th, we were scheduled to fly home to NY.  I woke up at 4am with my upper lip swollen to twice its size.  I was in a lot of pain.  I iced my face until the kids got up and then panic started setting in.  I had a long day ahead of me, which included a 5 hour flight home.  I took motrin, continued to ice, and went to the airport.  I knew I was going to have to be seen either at Urgent care or in the ER that night.  The entire flight was a nightmare (and I am not even talking about Madeline's huge fits she was throwing :)  I was in a ton of pain, was super swollen, and kept making ice packs on my own to try and help with the swelling.

I am going to share pictures I took to track my swelling progression.  At the time I swore these would never be seen, but now that I am past it, its fine LOL. Most of these I look horrible, but had little to no sleep over a 3 day period and could barely eat, let alone put make up on! 

Here is a picture of my normal face:

Here is how I looked Thursday night when I landed.  You can see the upper lid swelling as well as the nose. 

Thursday night I went straight to Urgent Care from the airport.  I was seen quickly and the Dr. gave me Amoxicillan and sent me on my way telling me it was an infected pimple.  I felt better knowing at least I could get something in my system.

I went to bed that night around midnight and woke up at 4am in excruciating pain. The swelling was much worse and I knew something was not right.  I woke Curtis up and told him I was going to the Emergency Room.  I must say that at 5am on a Friday, no one is in the ER in case you need to ever go LOL.   The doc took one look at me and said that Amoxicillan would do nothing for this infection.  He predicted it was Staph and then said "I am about to do something to your nose that will be horrible.  I'm sorry".  Fabulous....

He moved me over to a bed and told me "Lay back, grab the rails of the bed, and whatever you do do not hit me or move your face".  Then I seriously had the most horrific experience ever.  I would rather have another baby and that is not an exaggeration.  He had to lance the infection site to drain it.  Step 1 was numbing the area with novacaine.  It was the worst pain I have ever experience.  At one point it shot up my nose and down my throat.  I was sobbing, gagging, bleeding everywhere.  It was awful!!!  Once that was over, he prescribed me a stronger antibiotic and told me this should be the worst of it and sent me home.  However, throughout the day it did not get any better.  I was in a ton of pain and could not sleep at all.

By 7pm that night I was torn.  I wanted to go to sleep and hope the new meds would kick in, but I was also afraid of waking up with my face swollen shut.  Here is my face Friday night (24 hours after the last pic)  My lips were so swollen that I could see a thin layer of liquid on below the skin.  My nose was completely distorted, and my cheeks were starting to swell.  When I walked I could feel the liquid in my face moving.  I also started having pain in my gums and teeth from the pressure. I looked and felt like absolute crap. 

So at 8pm that night, I took myself back to the ER.  Yes, twice in the same day.  Luckily they have an urgent care there and sent me there.  People  were very put off by the fact that I was back already.  I didn't care at this point. I wanted to beg to be admitted because I just was afraid!!!   When the doc finally saw me he ended up calling the ENT I was supposed to follow up with and decided to change my meds yet again to a super strong medicine called Clindamycin.  I was to take it 4 times a day and see a doctor on Monday.  Then he decided to take two cultures of my nose.  This involved him pushing with his full body weight with a q-tip in my nostril, but at least it wasn't a novacaine shot. It still hurt a ton though!  He also gave me a topical cream and I  needed to use hot compresses 3 times a day to try and break up the infection. 

I got home around 10, Curtis went out and got my new meds, and I went to bed feeling a little more settled.  I did not sleep great and the next morning I at least didn't look worse....  My top lip had gone down a bit but the facial swelling was still in full force. 

I kept taking pictures of my face to track the swelling progress which really helped.  I also was able to start eating and drinking easier after about 24 hours on the right antibiotics.

Here was some pics taken on Sunday.  Big difference!

Here is Sunday.  This pics cracks me up because I took it in the pitch dark of my room and blinded myself.  I also have incredibly short eyelashes.  Anyways... still have some nose distortion but the lips were getting better.

I saw in ENT on Monday Jan 9th and he put me on 5 more days of antibiotics and told me to come back in 6 weeks.   I must say that a large portion of the swelling took over a month to go away.  By the 6 week mark all but a tiny section under my nose is back to normal. 

My 6 week check up was this week.  It was confirmed as a MRSA infection.  Nice of them to let me know huh?  I would think I should have been called or notified about this.  However, I had to ask for my results 6 weeks later.  The doc did say that if this had spread it could have been very bad and possibly fatal.  So glad I got on the right meds in time!  Bottom line:  be persistent if you feel something isn't right!  When I went back to the ER for the second time a lot of the nurses looked at me like I was nuts, but I KNEW what I was going through was not normal and I was not getting any better after being on the first 2 sets of medicines.  I still have no idea how I contracted this infection.  So glad everything worked out for me and I am hoping that was my only experience with MRSA.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Before I had kids if someone told me they were spending money on something like this for their 4 year old I would have laughed and said it was a waste of money.  Then I had kids.  Girls specifically.  Once I knew the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique existed, I knew Brooke would love it.  Over Christmas we went to Disneyland and I booked this (3 months in advance) for her.  Yes, I am super behind on blogging right now LOL.  December and January were very busy for us. 

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a salon inside of Disneyland (they have it at Disney World as well) that does Princess makeovers on girls and Prince makeovers on boys.  There are different levels of packages.  We did the lowest package for $49.95.  This included a hairstyle, crown, makeup, sash, and jewel on the face.  My mom also paid for a separate photo shoot after this was all done that was ADORABLE.

We brought our own dress to wear, but you can pay a large amount of money for a package that includes a dress that you buy inside the boutique.  Unless you want to shell out the extra money for a $70 dress, you can bring your own from home and save a ton of money :)

Here is Brooke standing in front of of the boutique.  She didn't know what was going to happen next!

Here she is with her fairy godmother.  They do a GREAT job playing the part.  She chose the bun with crown hairstyle for herself. 

Here is the final product of the hair before the glitter was put on.  It looks super tight but its just a TON of hair gel. 

Here she is in her costume, face jewel, and glitter.  FYI its been 2 months and I am still finding glitter on her scalp!

My princess and I: 

A bonus pic of her with Ariel.  

Overall it was a GREAT experience.  She loved it, I loved it, my mom and sister loved it! It was packed with little girls all having a great time.  Her hair stayed in all day plus she slept in it that night!  Worth every penny I paid! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!  Here are some pics from our photo shoot today!  I must admit, we are getting some better shots these days!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Madeline's take on potty training...

Today I took Madeline to Target to pick out her big girl underwear.  We went a few weeks ago but they were all out of her size so today was take 2.  She happily chose the Hello Kitty pack and hugged them the entire way home.  How awesome right?  I thought it was so great she was this excited about them.

When we got home, we quickly opened the package to try them on.  She took two pairs out and slid them onto her arms and said "OH NO!  TOOOO BIG!".  Hmm.  This is a problem that she thinks these belong on her arms.  I explained to her that these went on our bodies, we pull them down to go pee pee, blah blah blah.  She just laughed.  I let her play with them for a little while and then she got bored and we went our happy ways in the living room.

About an hour passed and I noticed that the pack of underwear with the remaining 4 pairs in it was missing.  We had only been in 2 rooms all morning and they were GONE.

Fast forward to later in the day, I walk into Curtis' office to get a paper off of the printer and look down to see this:

Yes, that is the Hello Kitty underwear in the trash can.  After laughing hysterically and snapping a pic, I took them out.  When Madeline woke up from her nap, she happened to walk in there and was quite perplexed when she walked into the office and the underwear were no longer in the trash.  Sorry kid, potty training is not that easy to get out of!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Need a new diaper bag? Check these out!

One of our sponsors, Layla Grace, has great new diaper bags by Petunia Pickle BottomIt’s the brand every style conscious new mom craves! The Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring 2012 collection has arrived at Layla Grayce, featuring all new prints in their popular diaper bags, totes, coordinating travel bags, cell phone cases, baby carriers, slings, layette sets and more. Not to mention, Layla Grayce is offering Free shipping on Petunia Pickle Bottom orders over $50. Don't miss out on this amazing offer because this brand is extremely popular on baby registries and wish lists. Layla Grayce also offers free gift wrap on all Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags and accessories. Additionally, if you spend over $250 in Petunia Pickle Bottom products you can receive a coupon for $25 that can be used towards your next Layla Grayce purchase. Enjoy! 

Happy Shopping!  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Snow of the Year!

Mother nature has decided to be kind to me (well for the past few months anyways).  After the winter from hell last year, this year we have enjoyed much warmer weather and a few inches of snow.  Two weeks ago we had a nice small snow storm and the kids got to go out and play in it!  Then it melted the next day and we are all happy about it (mostly me...). 

Brooke was so excited to make a snow angel!  

Here is how it turned out!  Pretty cool!

Madeline absolutely loved the snow.  She could not get enough of it!

Brooke loved trying to make snowballs and throwing them at us. 

Here are some attempts at family pics.  It was snowing pretty hard at this point but I am really trying to get us in more pictures with the kids this year!

Brooke's face is hilarious in this picture!

and of course Madeline looks in this one and Brooke does not :)

Here is a video of our day!

We had a great time in the snow.  When we came back in Brooke complained she didn't feel good.  Turns out she had strep throat.  Oops!  Well at least she had a good time playing before the fever hit her!


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