Monday, February 20, 2012

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Before I had kids if someone told me they were spending money on something like this for their 4 year old I would have laughed and said it was a waste of money.  Then I had kids.  Girls specifically.  Once I knew the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique existed, I knew Brooke would love it.  Over Christmas we went to Disneyland and I booked this (3 months in advance) for her.  Yes, I am super behind on blogging right now LOL.  December and January were very busy for us. 

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a salon inside of Disneyland (they have it at Disney World as well) that does Princess makeovers on girls and Prince makeovers on boys.  There are different levels of packages.  We did the lowest package for $49.95.  This included a hairstyle, crown, makeup, sash, and jewel on the face.  My mom also paid for a separate photo shoot after this was all done that was ADORABLE.

We brought our own dress to wear, but you can pay a large amount of money for a package that includes a dress that you buy inside the boutique.  Unless you want to shell out the extra money for a $70 dress, you can bring your own from home and save a ton of money :)

Here is Brooke standing in front of of the boutique.  She didn't know what was going to happen next!

Here she is with her fairy godmother.  They do a GREAT job playing the part.  She chose the bun with crown hairstyle for herself. 

Here is the final product of the hair before the glitter was put on.  It looks super tight but its just a TON of hair gel. 

Here she is in her costume, face jewel, and glitter.  FYI its been 2 months and I am still finding glitter on her scalp!

My princess and I: 

A bonus pic of her with Ariel.  

Overall it was a GREAT experience.  She loved it, I loved it, my mom and sister loved it! It was packed with little girls all having a great time.  Her hair stayed in all day plus she slept in it that night!  Worth every penny I paid! 

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