Monday, January 31, 2011

The "Play" Room

We are fortunate enough to have a play room in this house which is rare for this part of the country. I love it and its the only place Madeline can roam free. However, the play room is more of a "let's throw everything we own onto the floor in 5 minutes" room.

Does this scene look familiar to anyone?

This was after just 5 minutes of "playing". No wonder I can't keep up these days!


  1. Hi Katie!! I didn't know you had a blog either! Can't wait to keep up with ya!

  2. I can still the the carpet, so it can't be THAT bad LOL.

  3. Ah, a familiar scene in our house as well...

  4. Yeah, that is my living room on a daily basis.It's no wonder I'm having anxiety attacks- I used to be a neat freak (and dont' get me started on the inside of our van! LOL)

    Lucky for the space!!!!



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