Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 11 Months Madeline!

Madeline is 11 months old! These monthly pictures are getting hard to take since she won't sit still for a minute.

Here is what is happening right now in her life:
She is averaging 6-8 steps independently and can get to standing from the ground by herself. She spends a lot of time standing now and taking a few steps here and there. We will see if she is fully walking by her 1st birthday or not!

She still just has two bottom teeth. Her top two are about to poke through though!

No more baby food for us! She refuses it. Her favorites are cheese, strawberries, and baby goldfish crackers.

Things she also eats:
Chicken nuggets
veggie burgers
green beans
mandarin oranges
grapes in the mesh feeder
french toast and pancakes

She is getting much better with the sippy cup so hopefully we can be off bottles within the next month or so. She isn't throwing it as much so she actually drinks it!

Madeline LOVES her big sister. She particularly enjoys taking toys away from her and body slamming Brooke. She loves to push toys around the room and is very into imitating us. She pretends to feed babies food, feed us food, etc. She loves to try and brush her own hair and even tried to put on a sock! She is also very into books right now and can point to an object in a book when prompted. She's just growing up so fast!

No official words yet but I think I have heard her say "more" aka "NA" when eating. She can sign milk, eat, all done, and more. We are working on "bath" right now. She is also very effective by screaming or growling at things she wants.

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