Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Snow of the Year!

Mother nature has decided to be kind to me (well for the past few months anyways).  After the winter from hell last year, this year we have enjoyed much warmer weather and a few inches of snow.  Two weeks ago we had a nice small snow storm and the kids got to go out and play in it!  Then it melted the next day and we are all happy about it (mostly me...). 

Brooke was so excited to make a snow angel!  

Here is how it turned out!  Pretty cool!

Madeline absolutely loved the snow.  She could not get enough of it!

Brooke loved trying to make snowballs and throwing them at us. 

Here are some attempts at family pics.  It was snowing pretty hard at this point but I am really trying to get us in more pictures with the kids this year!

Brooke's face is hilarious in this picture!

and of course Madeline looks in this one and Brooke does not :)

Here is a video of our day!

We had a great time in the snow.  When we came back in Brooke complained she didn't feel good.  Turns out she had strep throat.  Oops!  Well at least she had a good time playing before the fever hit her!


  1. Your girls are too CUTE! I've been SO thankful for a kind winter this year!!

  2. Madeline was so cute...she didn't know what to think of that white stuff! Love the shot of Brooke chasing her daddy!

  3. aww look at their huge smiles! what cuties! :)



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