Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chatty Kathy. A.K.A. Brooke

Brooke talks non-stop.  I have to remind myself that 3 years ago she was enrolled in speech therapy with a total of 20 words.  I used to cry thinking she would never talk, etc.  HA!  Well she proves me wrong daily.  Last week I recorded a few conversations we had over a two day span.  This is not even close to everything, but it gives you a glimpse into the questions I have to try and answer.  She has been on a God/Heaven kick so those questions are super hard to answer in a way that she deems satisfactory.  

-Mom, was God in New York when I was born.?  Where is he?  Why did you have two babies in your stomach?  Why didn’t we come out at the same time?  Did I have toys when I was in there?  Why did you want to have me first?  How come Madeline came second? 

-When I grow up I want a girl baby, not a boy.  Do I get to pick?  Why not?  (cries)

-Do we have birthdays in Heaven?  What about Santa?  Does Santa come to Heaven?  Who brings toys there then?  Do you have toys in Heaven?  Why do people die when they are young? 

-Did you and Dad make me?  With God?  How did you see God to help you make me?  Will I understand once I have my own baby?  (YES LOL). 

-What time did I wake up this morning?  Did Madeline get up at the same time? 

-Mommy guess what?  I am going to make a picture about a piece of paper. 

-Why when I first saw the Elf on the Shelf movie did I not sing the songs right away?  Why did we get a boy elf?

-Mommy guess what?  Remember the birthday when I turned 3?  Now I remember the 4 and the 5. 

-Are Dinosaurs in Heaven?  Why did Dinosaurs come first?  Is finding Dinosaur bones like finding noodles in sauce?  Why are some bones in rocks?  What would happen if humans and dinosaurs lived together?  How do the people at the museum know what a dinosaur would look like?  Why did dinosaurs lie down when they died?   Did God start making people once all of the Dinosaurs died?

-Why did Claire at school say I was not invited to her party when I am?  Was she lying?

-I think the Lite Brite people are lying to me. The box shows pink lite brite pegs but there are none!

-What designs can I have on my birthday invitations?  I want Rapunzel.  Did you know?  Guess What?  On Lexi’s star student paper it said she liked rapunzel too!

-Mom do I have germs in my body?
Yes but your medicine is taking care of it.
OH so there are little men in suits in my body cleaning up the germs??
Uh…I don’t think so.  The medicine works on its own. 

I plan on doing this a few times a year just to see what her conversations are like as she grows older :)

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