Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Signs

With Brooke we were so gung ho with baby signing. Her daycare also worked on it and between 7 and 14 months she did great with signing. This came in quite handy when we learned she had a speech delay later on! I still catch her using signs for things. I don't even think she realizes it!

I can say that Madeline is totally experiencing second child syndrome. I would sign to her but not a lot and not at every meal, etc. So finally I decided to get more serious about it and also have Brooke help too! Well this week Madeline started signing "more" and "eat". YAY! I will try to get this on video but she hardly every does anything on command. Stubborn Girl!

I think we will introduce the signs for "milk" and "please" next. We will see how she does!

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