Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meal plan for the week of Feb 20

This was a special request from Lauren :) Here is my meal plan for this week. I find meal planning really saves me a ton of money and time!

Sunday: Cheese Tortellini
Monday: Chicken Divan
Tuesday: Dinner out
Wednesday: Beef Stroganoff
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Grilled Steak and Veggies with Risotto cakes
Saturday: Chicken Enchiladas


  1. Love it! Do you do the steak on the grill or does curtis do it? I think I'm going to make the chicken divan AND the thai pork this week!

  2. YUM! Hey - email me ( how do you know WHAT to make- I have so many recipes, but how do you sit and PLAN? I did it for ONE Week and that was quickly put aside as TIME is not on my side?

    How is the chicken divan? Yum?

    I have a few yummy recipes on my blog- look under the recipe tag andI also have one to post- a low calorie chicken pot pie (I also posted on the Recipe section of our board) SO yum!



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