Monday, May 9, 2011

Following Directions

This weekend was a struggle for both kids and following directions. It was a very long weekend with lots of time outs! Today there was finally a turn around!

Madeline has been doing pretty well following one step directions. She is very good and finding objects if I ask her to bring me her baby, cup, shoes, etc. I like this age because its so fun to see how much they learn every day.

Well today I could not find my car keys. Little swiper LOVES car keys. So after a few minutes of searching I said "Madeline, where are the keys?". Well wouldn't you know she walks over to the Little People farm, opens the hatch, and there are the keys!!!! I would have never looked there! She was so very excited to hand them over.

I was very proud that she followed the directions so well, but then became terrified that she actually took my keys and hid them somewhere. This kid gave me my first gray hair I swear!

Then tonight I had promised Brooke she could go get her nails painted. This was something we were supposed to do on her birthday but it kept getting pushed back. We walk into the salon and she chooses hot pink and a purple glitter color. She wanted them on alternating fingers. Have at it kid! Well due to the language barrier we ended up with hot pink fingers and purple glitter on top. Even better! They also put flowers on her fingers too. To top it off, they did it for FREE! So nice of them! They thought she was hilarious. Plus I was just in there yesterday getting a pedicure. Brooke just kept turning to me and saying "thank you so much mom for bringing me here".

After that we walked over to the Italian Ice place and got some Italian Ices and then started walking home. Pretty soon we see tons of Police cars so we stopped to see what was going on. We saw people processing down the street carrying something. All of the sudden Brooke screams "ITS MARY!!!!! She's wearing her crown!". (Good to know she is learning something in Catholic School )Yes, we stumbled upon a procession of the Virgin Mary with a ton of people following her and singing hymns. Brooke seriously thought this was the coolest thing. She was screaming "This is the best day ever!!!!!!". Then we had long conversations on the walk home about how she wished the Virgin Mary lived closer, like here in NY.

It was just such a nice night! The weather was great! Brooke also was on her best behavior. She didn't whine or cry at all and was just so appreciative. I needed this. It was a rough weekend with the kids.

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