Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hey Stranger, can you watch my kid?

An incident happened at Ballet class a few weeks ago and I have just not had time to post about it. We've been busy around here for once :)

I have found as your kids get older and you spend more time out in public with them, you soon realize how other people parent. I am a hawk parent. Or maybe the term is helicopter parent? LOL. My kids are never out of my sight. Ever.

I remember the first time I experienced the fact that other parents do not watch their own kids while out in public. I think Brooke was around 15 months old and Curtis and I took her to a local park by our house in NC. We were both playing with her and we realized there was a 3 year old boy also playing with us. He was needing help on things, etc. So we helped him. Then we realize his parents are a good 100 yards away at the picnic area and cannot even see him! I was appalled. I felt responsible for this boy's safety since we were now the only adults who were supervising him!

Of course there were more run ins with this as our park trips were more frequent, etc. However, what happened at ballet a few weeks ago takes the cake.

I showed up before class and sit in my usual spot, get Brooke ready, etc. My friend sits across from me and does the same with her daughter, etc. We both have babies in strollers as well.
Soon we notice two moms walking up and down the benches looking for something. One of them lost their car key, which is apparently not on a key chain or anything. At this point I am not paying a ton of attn. since I am getting Brooke ready, shoving food at Madeline, etc.

Next thing I know the woman dumps her giant house of a purse out onto the bench next to me. She rummages through the mound of stuff looking for the key, etc. Meanwhile their two girls (who are 2 years old) are running around in the dance room behind me. The mom with the lost key states how she had gone to get coffee but did not want to go back there because she didn't like the people in there. So my friend says "well you should probably go check since its the last place you went before coming here". So the two moms agree and then look at us and say "okay we are going to go to the coffee shop. Our girls are in there ok?'

And they freaking LEAVE.

My friend and I have no idea who these ladies are and don't even know their kids names. They are freaking two years old and you leave them in a dance studio with strangers??????My friend swore we were on the "What would you do" show . So now my friend and I are watching these two little girls and pretty soon they come out of the empty dance room and start looking for their mom. We tell them she will be right back, etc. One of them just looked sad and scared. I mean I could not believe it!!! Would you ever do this????

They were gone for 10 minutes and then return with the missing car key. Could not one of the moms go by herself and the other one stay with the kids? Am I totally off here? I swear the one mom was afraid to go back to this mystery coffee shop alone. They just sort of walked in and said thanks and grabbed the kids and left.

I am amazed at people. What if one of them got hurt or we really didn't keep an eye on them ,etc??? What if they came back and the kids were gone?

Brooke is 4 and I would never dream of just leaving her with people I didn't know. I can't think of any instance that would qualify.

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