Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is my 5th Mother's Day! I can't believe it! I have dreams of a Mother's Day when the kids wake up by themselves, make their own breakfast, and stay quietly downstairs until I arise from my slumber. Well that's not happening yet so here is how it goes with a 4 year old and 1 year old.

I got up as usual with Madeline (she did not get the memo that she needs to sleep in at least until 9am on Mother's day). Curtis was getting ready to go to his football game when he gave me my awesome Spa Gift Certificate for a Day at the Spa. Just what the doctor ordered! I am booking this on Monday so I don't have to wait until the end of summer when space opens up again!

When Brooke woke up I decided we should all take a nice walk to the bagel shop to kill time until Curtis got home from football. Well there were a few issues with this. Problem 1: The line was 20 people deep and out the door. Hello! I forgot its Sunday AND a holiday. There were gobs of men looking frantic as they ordered their bagels while holding giant bouquets of flowers they bought next door. Last minute planning guys? LOL! Problem 2: While waiting in line Brooke decided she wanted a giant cupcake. The issue is that they did not have the exact same cupcake she saw in the store last week. She did not want the plain chocolate one. The one she wanted had a white flower on top and was not present. Problem 3: Madeline. While very good when the stroller is in motion, she is not a fan of just sitting there waiting. She starts to flip out, I convince Brooke to let Madeline hold her rubber Princess Aurora Polly Pocket, fighting and screaming ensues, etc. The gobs of men at this point were not thrilled with my two.

Finally our bagels are ready and we head out to the lovely tune of Brooke whining about her lack of cupcake ownership and the fact that Madeline had touched Princess Aurora. At this point she was scolded on the side of a busy street with witnesses. This mortified her. Then I was oh so lucky have to hear here bawling her eyes out for the rest of the walk. To top it off she then tripped and scuffed her brand new crock. DRAMA! Finally I turned to her and said "It's Mother's Day. Can you please just be a nice girl for mom on Mother's day? No more whining and crying". Her reply as she sobs "Well mom, kids are mothers too!!!". Um, nice try kid.

When we walked through the door I decided Mother's Day was starting over at 10:00 am. I am forgetting about my attempt to have a nice morning with the kids. Madeline went down for a nap and I treated myself to a long hot shower free of screaming children. Curtis got home and we headed out to the park! Yippeee! The weather is finally nice enough to be outside and need sunscreen. The park was a blast and I realized that my summer will mostly involve fishing sand and rocks out of Madeline's mouth. Brooke is at least old enough now that she requires very little assistance at the park so it all balances out.

Here is the group shot. I so happy that both kids look relatively happy and are looking at the camera!


  1. Great photo of you and the girls! Sorry the day didn't start out as planned but ended up with a big smile on your face!!

  2. I'm sorry, but Im LOL here at reading your post. It SO describes a typical day with my 2 girls as well! LOl
    Hugs and Happy Belated Mother's Day- you are beautiful w/2 beautiful girls!! :)

  3. katie, your posts crack me up! love the reality of a mother's day with two little ones, especially the sobbing walk home (oh the drama!). hope you ended up having a great afternoon with your adorable family!!

  4. love this picture of you 3!!! <3 And I love your honestly on this blog!! <3



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