Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A bedtime conversation with Brooke

Brooke asked me to come in and rub her head while she fell asleep. Now I know she will NEVER fall asleep while I do this, I always say yes and we have little chats about things. Tonight's conversation was exceptionally interesting.

Brooke points to my bra strap: Mom what is this?
Me: It's a bra.
Brooke: Why do you wear it?
Me: Um... well.... when you get older your body changes and you need to wear one.
Brooke: Oh you get nipples?
Me: (laughing under my breath) Yes and breasts.
Brooke: Well when I get older I am going to buy a bra.
Me: Okay
Brooke: But mom! I cut out a bra coupon out of the paper so its on sale! We should go buy it.

(She helps me cut coupons and likes to cut out the mail order products)

Me: Well I don't think you need a bra just yet.
Brooke: Mom I am going to need one AND some grown up clothes okay? For when I grow up.
Me: Okay, but first lets focus on buying your clothes for preschool.

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  1. Oh my gosh. This is TOO cute!!! And makes me terrified of girls! lol!!!



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