Monday, July 18, 2011

Fire Island

We spent the week of July 5th out at Fire Island. Our good friends let us stay in their wonderful beach house for the week. It was a much needed vacation! Our cousins the Corridan's also came up for a few days! Somehow we have no pictures of them or me LOL!

Madeline loved the float in the bay!

Brooke was a big fan of the sand. Someone needs to work on her tan as you can barely see her body in this picture.

Madeline spent most of her beach time begging for snacks and crying if she didn't get any. Here is what my view of the beach was for most of the trip:

Brooke also enjoyed collecting hermit crabs and chilling on the shore of the bay.

Madeline also loved the water table on the deck. This killed a lot of down time while we showered and cooked dinner at night! Oh and there is half of Guinness' body making an appearance. He had a good time too :)


  1. So cute, Katie!!! That pic of B in the sand has me dying!!! DYING! LOL

  2. So fun!! Their swimsuits are beyond adorable!



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