Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Madeline at 15 months

Madeline turned 15 months last week. This girl is giving us a run for our money!

She is talking like crazy! This is so fun to me since Brooke had a speech delay and while very smart, she didn't say much for a long time. Madeline put two words together for the first time this week. She said "more nana" for more banana. She apparently also knows the word "pizza" since she said it tonight while eating it. Her other favorite phrases are "get down" and "sit down". Wonder what she hears a lot of...??? I am shocked she does not say NO yet.

She isn't a huge fan of drinking milk or water. I feel like I am shoving a cup in her face all day. She is transitioning between one nap and two which is making our summer plans disastrous. We are always wondering when she is going to sleep, if she is going to sleep, what mood she will be in, etc.

Madeline is loving the pool and anything that involves being outside. Her new favorite activity involves climbing on furniture, standing up on it, turning towards me and saying GET DOWN. I try very hard not to laugh but I stink at keeping a straight face.

She also worships her big sister. Of course there is already some fighting going on, but they are really starting to play together which is great! Tonight they were both sitting on the floor and Madeline just grabbed Brooke and gave her a huge kiss. So adorable! Then they both had a giggle attack!

Her independence grows daily and I am excited to see what the next few months hold (and also fear them!)

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