Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Summer Craft

This post is titled "Our Summer Craft" because that is how many crafts we did.  One.  One little craft.  I wouldn't even call it a craft as I  had to do nothing but provide water. 

I had great plans for our summer.  I was going to be a super mom keeping my kids busy and blogging about our memories. I had a ton of crafts pinned on pinterest, websites, etc.  I envisioned both of my kids participating equally.  I was so excited that Madeline was finally old enough to do some more fun things with Brooke. 

I decided to just start out with watercolors.  Easy enough and I didn't have to buy anything for it.  I set them both up in the kitchen and was so excited to see them both doing the same activity! 

A few minutes in it was still going well.

Then this happened:  

Craft time over!  Madeline is on restriction and only can use Color Wonder markers with supervision.  Brooke did crafts alone for the rest of the summer.  Hopefully by Christmas craft time we can try again :) 

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