Monday, September 5, 2011

Recipe Reviews

I have tried two new recipes lately that I have had a few questions about so I give you my thoughts.  I also have a new one I found that I will be adding to my favorites list. 

First recipe: Crispy Chicken and Bowtie Pasta

I was really excited to make this because it looked delish!  The pasta portion of this was very very good.  Loved it and the kids did too!  I had some issues with the breading on the chicken.  It was soggy, not crispy.  I also had issues with the breading staying on.  I think next time I would skip the crispy chicken part (and the time it takes to do it) and just throw some grilled chicken on the pasta.

Second recipe :  Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork

I was really excited to make this.  I love recipes that have random ingredients, and root beer plus pulled pork would qualify.  This wasn't terrible, but I just have a lot of other pulled pork type recipes I would choose over it.  The flavor was okay, I just felt it was missing something.  I would definitely say try it once.  We put it over rice.  You can also put it on bread for a sandwich.

My new favorite recipe:  Mini Meatloaves

I changed this slightly using turkey meat and breadcrumbs instead of ground beef and oats.  It still tasted great! Super easy!  I also baked them in large muffin tins (mine made 6 mini meatloaves).  I will be adding this to the "My favorite recipe" tab on the right :)

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  1. Fun! May definitely have to give the meatloaf recipe a try! Looking for new recipes here so thanks for sharing :)



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