Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bad Santa Photos

Call me crazy.  Call me cruel. But I just love photos of kids crying on Santa's lap.  It almost should be a rite of passage for all kids under the age of 5. I mean its not scary at all for your parents to drop you onto the lap of a complete stranger dressed in a red suit with a giant white beard right??? 

A few years ago when Brooke was 19 months old, we got this gem:

The best part about this was that Curtis and I were laughing hysterically as she freaked out.  Parents of the year here!

This year we once again had a Santa hater.  Madeline really isn't afraid of anything so I didn't think she would freak out.  Well, she just wanted to give us another photo gem to treasure for all time:

Yes, that is Madeline screaming in fear and reaching for me as Santa happily held onto her for dear life.  Brooke was unphased by the screaming and just wanted to make sure she told Santa that she NEEDED an easy bake oven.   Maybe next year I can have both kids happily smiling in the santa photo.  (Last year it was Brooke who was afraid and I had to be IN the picture as she pretended to be scared on my lap....).

OH and yes we saw Santa on November 2nd.  We were at the mall taking pictures and there was no line and a lonely Santa ready to go.  No line at all!  It was perfect :)  I am sure Brooke will make another visit, but we surely no Madeline won't have any part of it!

Tea Collection sale!!!
Just in time for black Friday, one of our sponsors, Tea Collection, is having an awesome sale!  Tea Collection will be having a special Black Friday sale featuring $15 dresses for girls and $15 pants for boys valid 11/25 through 11/27. Here are some of my absolute favorite gift ideas:

For girls, I love the Pinata Stripe Dress! This dress was inspired by the brightly colored striped pinatas in Mexico. The dress is made of 100% cotton and machine washable and is sure to create tons of fun. The Ticking Stripe Pant for boys is definitely a staple item for any outfit. These stylish striped pants are 100% cotton, machine washable! Keep children dreaming with Little Citizens Pajamas. This adorable pj set is inspired by Mexico's famous Arbol del Tule. Not only are these pj's adorable but proceeds from your sale will benefit the Global Fund for Children and their work advancing the dignity of children around the world. I also love the Art To Go Deluxe Set. This is the perfect gift for the little artist whose creativity won't be contained--even on the road! Let their imaginations run wild!

Happy Shopping everyone!


  1. bwahahahaaha!! i love screaming santa photos too. we've got a couple..they are hilarious. thanks for sharing!

  2. First of all, your girls are TOO CUTE.

    Second, I LOVE pictures like that. We have a really funny one of Gracie like that too. HAHAHA.

    I LOVE that pinata dress too!!! too cute. :)



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