Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have you thanked a soldier today? (and Brooke sings a lovely song)

A few years ago I saw a segment on the Today show about an organization called Soldiers Angels.  This is a non-profit organization that provides aid to active and deployed military and their families.  There are many ways you can be involved, but we have adopted two soldiers in the past.  All soldiers are nominated to be eligible either because they have little family support or could use some extra support.  You can adopt a soldier, join a writing committee, donate money, or donate your time in another special way.  

We have adopted two soldiers in the past (as well as sent packages to a family member that was deployed for a year).  You should not expect to hear back from them, as they are obviously busy defending our country.  I can say, however, that if/when you do hear back from them, it makes the tiny sacrifice of sending them notes and packages very very worth it. 

Even though most of our troops are supposed to be home by the end of the year, there are still people who have to and will be deployed from here on out.  They are sacrificing their time and lives to defend our country while we stay safe at home.  Please consider helping out in some way.  It's also a great way to get your kids involved in a great cause helping others.  Brooke loved to draw pictures and help pack up the packages before we mailed them!

We just had our second soldier come home and I am glad he is safe and back with his family.   I hope we made his deployment a little better by letting him know that people here in America really care. 

On that Patriotic note, here is a video of Brooke singing "God Bless America".  Can you catch any off lyrics from her?  :)

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