Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Christmas Card Season!!!

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is receiving Christmas/Holiday cards.  I love getting mail and during the Holiday season its guaranteed!  I just get so excited to see what cards people chose and their cute family pics that go with them!  I also get super sad when I have a day when no cards arrive.  Don't be slackers people!!!  :)

I always start browsing cards in late October/Early November.  I can't help myself!  I love looking for the perfect card!  I try to order them by mid-November and I send by December 1st. I have my list all ready to go so I sit down one night while watching a good Holiday movie and address them all to send!

I am in love with Tiny Prints cards this year.  IN LOVE.   They have such unique designs and their paper quality is awesome. 

Here are a few cards that I have my eye on:

Be Merry:

 Behavior Blocks:

Delightful Pastels:

Family of Trees:

Fine Festivities:

Behind the Scenes:

I guess you can say I have a theme going this year with bright colors :)  I had the girls pictures taken in bright dresses this year and am trying to do a card that will coordinate perfectly!  Luckily I have a lot of options with Tiny Prints.  Sorry, I won't be telling you which card  you'll just have to wait and see :) 

When do you order your holiday cards?  Do you obsess over it like I do? 

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  1. I've already started browsing/saving ideas too! I LOOOOOVE choosing my holiday card! The tiny prints ones are great this year! So fun!



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