Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our visit to Rockefeller Center

Since we live near NYC I want to take full advantage of it while we can.  Last year we had big plans to go see the tree in Rockefeller Center but the day we wanted to go was freezing, Brooke had a fever, Madeline would have been too cold, etc.  It never happened.

This year I was determined to go.  I knew Brooke would love it!  I planned for us to take the train, have lunch at the Stardust Diner, then walk over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree, maybe do some shopping, etc.  It was a loose plan and now I am glad I didn't have anything set in stone. 

The city was awesome, but super crowded.  I really have not been in the city on the weekends much.  Normally we go during the week and its pretty empty in most of the touristy places.  Not true for a weekend during December!  Curtis had the pleasure of navigating the stroller through the crowds.  He only cursed a few times :) 

We made our way to the Stardust Diner and we saw a line around the block.  I thought it was a line for something else so I asked the last person and they were waiting for the Diner!  There were probably 100 people in line.  We wisely chose to go elsewhere.  NO way my kids could have waiting that long in the cold.  Instead we went to TGI Fridays.  2 appetizers+1 kids cheese pizza = $57!!!  Way to inflate the menu Fridays!  Oh well.  We were starving and cold so it was a nice break and we were seated right away. 

After lunch we headed to Rockefeller Center.  It was crowded!  The line for ice skating was very long but I had not really planned on doing that anyways. 

Here are the 3 pics from the day.  First off the tree in all its glory!   Very nice!

Curtis and Brookie.  She was so excited!  

Madeline and I.  I guess I am too short to actually get the entire tree in the picture.  Or there was some photographer error :)

After our tree viewing we headed to Toys R Us per Brooke's request.  NEVER AGAIN will I go there on a weekend.  OMG it was literally wall to wall people.  You could barely move.  After that we were done and headed home on the train.  We were all beat! 

Overall we had a great day!  No tears from anyone and we accomplished what we set out to do! 

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