Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The San Diego Zoo

Every year we spend some time with my in-laws in San Diego but never really do much sight seeing.  This year we decided to take the kids to the San Diego zoo.  They were great ages for it and I had not been since I was a child.

First of all, the weather was gorgeous!  We were actually dressed too warm for most of the trip.   Our first stop was to see the Elephants.  Madeline LOVED it.  We actually got to see them get a bath and be fed and they were really close to us. 

We also saw the lions.  They were asleep but right against the glass so we could see them close up.  Madeline kept screaming saying "ASLEEEEEPPPP".  Brooke was not thrilled.  She had a chip on her shoulder at the zoo for some reason.

We did manage to get one family photo out of the day.  I must say I am shocked at how our photos are actually starting to have all 4 family members looking at once!

The petting zoo was a huge hit as well!  I wanted to burn their clothes after being in there, but the kids had a good time :)

Here are some other animals we saw on our HIKE.  I say hike because I had no idea that zoo was so hilly and rugged.  By the end my legs were burning!

At the end of the day Brooke HAD to see the Pandas.  The line was so long and it was so hot waiting in line to end up seeing this:

Madeline could not even see the Panda and Brooke just said "why isn't he moving?" and that was the end of our Panda experience.

Overall we had a great trip!  Brooke is asking to go to Sea World so maybe we will do that on our next visit to CA.

Here is a pic from our last day in San Diego.  Such a pretty day! 


  1. Aww, the panda looks so cute even when he's sleeping! We lucked out, we went right before feeding time and the pandas were quite active!

    I agree with you about the hills. Oy.

    We are still having crazy warm weather. I fear for what this means for summer.

  2. So fun!! I LOVED the SDZ when we went and would go back in a SECOND! Love the family pic too!



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