Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. from Brooke's perspective

Here is a conversation Brooke and I had yesterday about Martin Luther King Jr.  She is obsessed with heaven right now so its not a shock that this is the direction the conversation took.  Plus once I said Martin Luther King Jr. was no longer alive it was a no brainer :) 

Is it Martin Luther Kings Birthday yet? 

No Tomorrow.

YEAH!!!!!!!  How old is he going to be?

Well he is dead so we just celebrate what a great man he was because he did great things.

Why is he dead?   When I am dead will I not be here on the earth to talk anymore?

No not on earth.  Your spirit will go to heaven. 

Well when I get to heaven will I see Martin Luther King?

Yes you can.

Well what planet did he go to when he died?

He didn’t go to another planet, he went to Heaven. 

Well can you help me find him when I get to heaven?  There are a lot of people in heaven and I don’t want to get him mixed up.

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  1. Hilarious! They are so funny at this age with all the questions they ask. It's funny to see things from their perspective!



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