Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brooke quotes continued

I am so glad I am keeping a running tab of all of the things Brooke asks me.  I would never remember it all otherwise so its going to be a great keepsake later on!

Here are some goodies from the month of February:
  • Do I have bones in my face?  What are those bones called?  Why are they there?
  • I had a crazy dream last night.  I was in a machine and God was in it and he took me to places when he was around!!!  Crazy!!!
  • Mom did the groundhog see his shadow?  (YES).  (STARTS BAWLING)  NOOOOOOOOO  I don’t want it to be winter.  I want spring! 
  • MOM!  When you paint your nails, you can use Salon Express to help you put beautiful designs on them!  It’s amazing!
  • Mom do you remember in Toy Story 1 how Andy leaves the room and the toys come alive?  Well I really hope that happens in my room one day.
  • Mommy, sometimes when you stick out your stomach like this you look fat. 
  • The moon is made of rock and green seed and that way it can stay out all day and all night. 
  • Why can’t I have my birthday party ON my birthday?  My body won’t know its five if its not my actualy birthday!!!!
  • Was Bambi alive before people were alive? 
  • All I want for my birthday is a sleepover with you.  I won’t snore or steal your covers like daddy. 
And here is one that I was not prepared for at all!

Mom did you make me with God?
Well how did you when God isn’t here?
-Well he is all around
Did you make me when you were a little girl?
-No I was MARRIED and a grown up
Oh.  Do they have TV’s in heaven?
-I don’t know
Well you were in heaven when you were a baby right?  But it was a long time ago
-Yes a long time ago
Were you born just after the dinosaurs died?
-well not RIGHT after, but yes they were already dead when I was born
Oh well you were born a LONG LONG time ago! 

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