Monday, March 19, 2012

Super Swimmer!

Brooke has been in swimming lessons for MONTHS.  7 months to be exact.  It was not her cup of tea and she was begging weekly for me to put her in ice skating lessons instead.  Swimming is not a negotiable skill to me.  She HAS to know how to swim.  I told her once she was a good swimmer we could stop, but we had to stick with it.

Well this week she passed her level 1 swim test during her swim  lesson!  She is swimming under water for 5 feet, can get out of the pool, jump off and get to the side, etc.  Her basics are coming along!

After she passed she got to ring the bell at the pool and everyone clapped for her!  She was SO excited. 

Let's hope we have an independent swimmer by the summer! It will make my life at the beach and pool a lot easier!

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