Monday, April 2, 2012

Our visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Brooke has been begging to go to the Statue of Liberty for about 6 months.  Only my 5 year old would be obsessed about a national monument LOL! 

We decided to surprise her and not tell her where we were going on her birthday.  I bought the tickets for the ferry in advance.  I HIGHLY suggest doing this since we only then had to wait in the security line and skipped the ticket line.  Another tip is to go early.  We got there around 9:30 and walked right on the ferry.  When we left around 1 the ferry line was at least 2 hours long!  Crazy!

So we drove to Battery Park and parked a few blocks from the ferry.  On our walk there you could see the Statue so we pointed it out to her and showed her.  She was so excited! 

Here we are on the ferry ride!  It was cold :(

Here is the Freedom Tower.  It's getting pretty tall!
Here is Brooke in all of her Lady Liberty glory!  She was loving it!

and of course some more pics with the statue:

Then of course my girls had to have a snack right that second.  So they got to have a mini picnic on the grounds of Liberty Island:

Unfortunately the statue and museum are closed for renovations so after a quick stop at the gift shop (where Brooke purchased a snow globe and a mini statue) we were back on the Ferry and headed towards Ellis Island.

Once at Ellis Island we had lunch.  After that we realized that Ellis Island is not a trip for little kids.  It was really informational, but Curtis and I decided it was much more our speed so we headed out. 

Here are  the two pics from that stop LOL:

By some miracle, Madeline fell asleep in her stroller.  This has not happened since we was 6 months old.  Maybe even earlier! 

We had a great day and I am glad we are going a lot of this while we live in NY and can easily do day trips to see fun things! 

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  1. What a fun birthday! Happy Birthday to Brooke!



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