Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pure Joy in the Ticket Booth

Hello Everyone!  I have been slacking on the blog lately but we had family visiting and just too much going on!  I have a ton to catch up on this week but I thought I would post a video for everyone to enjoy because I love it so much.

The girls birthday party (which I still have yet to blog about) was at Chuck E Cheese this year.  All Brooke talked about was going into the ticket booth to get the "magic ticket".  She saw this on TV and has been obsessed over it for quite some time.  Well this was her lucky day because she got to go twice since Madeline was not old enough to go.  We told Brooke to shove the tickets into her shirt to save them and she didn't want to, but ended up doing this in the end.  Oh and she ended up getting the "magic ticket" so she was thrilled.   We had bets she would cry once she got in there but she proved us wrong and LOVED IT! 

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  1. Hi Katie,

    Saw you on Kelly's link-up! I'm also from Long Island. I have a blog, but haven't updated it in over a year. I'd love to meet some new bloggy friends to keep me accountable. For some reason, this is posting from an old account, but here is my blog address:

    Hope to chat with you sometime!




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