Monday, April 11, 2011

Brooke's 4 year Check Up!

Height: 43 inches (90%)
Weight: 36 lbs (75%)

I swore her height had slowed down, but I guess not. This also explains all of her current dresses being too short.

Passed hearing and vision. They also had to do a urine test and had her draw some shapes, etc.

Her umbilical hernia is still open and the doc said it probably won't close on its own at this point (I knew this was coming). We have to go see a surgeon to see about having it closed. I would love just one year without a surgery. Sigh. I also don't know if insurance will cover it or not. I hope so!

She got one shot. The chicken pox/MMR booster. Of course with her own dramatic flair she did not cry until AFTER the shot had been given and then went into hysterics and had to be held.

Here is a fabulous quote from Brooke today:

Brooke: Mom we need a scarecrow in here.

Me: Why do we need a scarecrow in the house?

Brooke: Well we need a scarecrow to distract Madeline from my toys.

Me: Well I'm not sure that would work.

Brooke: Well then I will be a scarecrow then! She needs a distraction!!!!

She then proceeded to stand with her arms straight out and swayed back and forth. In response Madeline tackled her. :)

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