Saturday, April 23, 2011

Double Birthday Party!

We decided to have a small family party for the girls when my mom came out to visit for Spring Break. I surprised Brooke with a Rapunzel cake and theme which she loved. Madeline didn't get a say. Hope she doesn't mind when she is older :) Madeline also had her first cupcake which she LOVED LOVED LOVED. Total opposite of Brooke's first bday when she bawled her eyes out eating the cake. Brooke had a blast and loved all of the attention during the party.

The Rapunzel Cake. Not so well done but Brooke didn't care! We added some of our own figurines:

Excited to see the cake!

Madeline digging in!

Grandma got the Rapunzel dress she had been begging for!


  1. Look at Madeline so proud that she ate that whole cupcake! so cute!

  2. That 2nd pic says it all!! SOOOO EXCITING! Happy birthday girls!



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