Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Brooke!!!

Four years ago we got the best April Fools Day surprise ever!!!

At one:

At two:

At three:

and today on her 4th birthday!

Happy Birthday Brooke! You are 4 years old and so grown up! Even though you cried last night that you did not want to be 4, it will be fun we promise! You now can ride your big girl bike and next year will go to preschool! We hope you have a fabulous day!

Love Mommy, Daddy, and Madeline

-Brooke has requested to go to dinner at a place that makes a volcano out of an onion. We will be going to a Japanese Hibachi place for dinner and I hope it lives up to her expectations!!!


  1. Love her birthday shirt!! What a great picture of such a smiley happy little (big 4 year old!) girl!! Have a great birthday weekend!!

  2. LOVE that last picture!!! Happy 4th Birthday Brooke!!

  3. Awww, such a cutie!! Happy Birthday, Brooke! My daughter in law is in labor now...perhaps Parker will join Brooke as an April Fool's Day birthday child! If you knew my son, Adam, you would understand the cosmic justice of him having an April 1st baby!

  4. Love your blog Galvins!! Happy birthday to your baby! Can't believe she's already four:)

  5. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! Miss you!

  6. Happy Birthday Brooke!!! Hope 4 is the best yet! ;)

  7. Happy birthday, Brooke!!! We are so happy to watch you grow and see how beautiful you are! I was PG at the same time as your mommy, so I have always been curious to see how you are! :) You are beautiful and dinner sounds like so much fun!!!!

  8. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. How can it be four years already? Happy Belated Birthday, Brooke!



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