Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Day of Summer Break.....

Yesterday was the first day of summer break. No more school for Brooke and time for me to run errands with just one child (which is so shockingly easy compared to taking both somewhere!).

I had high hopes (as I usually do for such days). I had a plan. We would get up, have breakfast, then head to the grocery store by 9am. I love shopping early with just me and the senior citizens. It's very relaxing and no one yells at me. After that we would come home and unpack. Then we would head out to the pool to buy our passes and play at the park next door until lunch.

Well this was not meant to be. Madeline woke up with a cold and was literally tearing my living room apart by 8am. I don't even know how many times I had to say "NO" in a one hour period. Needless to say I wanted the day to be over and it had barely started. Brooke was whining because she wanted to play "dress up" and I was telling her to get real clothes on to go to the store. So the grocery store got pushed back!

We finally made it there around 11 am. The girls were actually the most well behaved of the day there! (Side note: I found a new grocery store. It's so beautiful it almost brought a tear to my eye. Yes, my life has come to this.).

Came home for lunch and naps. Madeline took 2 hours to fall asleep thanks to her cold. When she finally got up she was screaming. This screaming is not unusual for her. She likes the drama. She also prides herself on being a baby ninja and has already tried to climb out of the crib. Yes, she is 13 months old. Kill me.

Now here is where my day just became laughable. I had to experience something I have only seen on TV or in a movie.

I went in to Madeline's room to get her. I went to pick her up and then realized her body would not move. She was stuck. I look down to see her leg bent and her knee shoved through the slats and is all red and not moving.

I did not panic. If figured if my MacGyver skills could not help me, then I would have to call the Fire Department. I guess I didn't freak because I knew she was "okay", just needed a little help.

I propped her up with one arm and started scanning the room for things I could use to help me. I tried just using my hands but her leg wouldn't budge. I called for Brooke and told her to come to the room. I spotted a jar of vaseline! Perfect! Brooke handed it to me and I started greasing up Madeline's leg while still propping her up with my other arm. After I was done I gave her leg a gentle push and BAM! She was free!

All I could do was laugh. Did this really just happen? Will she even remember that her trying to climb out is what caused her drama? NOPE. I caught her this morning trying to climb out again.

So let's hope the second day of summer break is more fun but a little less eventful!


  1. oh my lord - good thinking though. LOL

  2. Oh no!! Hope summer break ends up calming down a bit for you!!

  3. Oh my! Way to be resourceful in a pinch (no pun intended LOL)!



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