Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Madeline is 14 months!

Madeline is 14 months. We don't take monthly pics anymore, but I wanted to do a quick summary of her life right now.

Besides getting limbs stuck in crib slats, she loves to climb. She spends a lot of days standing on top of chairs and giving me a heart attack.

Her current words (not said clearly obviously):
all done
mama (when prompted)
bye bye

She loves to play peek a boo and to play outside. The baby pool is a big hit as well as the slide out back.

This girl also loves to dance! Brooke has been practicing her tap routine non stop and Madeline has picked up on some of the moves. It's adorable!

She has 8 teeth and is currently cutting her top molars.

Madeline loves books and is always bringing me one to read to her.

Her favorite foods are cheese, yogurt, pizza, pasta, any type of fruit, and bread. She is still on the bottle but is now sort of drinking out of cups more. I hope we are off bottles by the end of the summer!

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  1. Sounds like she is her own little person!! I love reading about your girls!



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