Saturday, June 11, 2011

Picnic in NYC

Last Sunday (yes I am a week behind) we went to a picnic/fundraiser for Madeline's Dr. Dr. Waner has a foundation that raises money for his patients that cannot afford treatment. All of his former patients were invited. It was at a park right across the street from Beth Israel Hospital, where Madeline had her surgery.

It was so fun! Everything was catered perfectly to the kids and they had the best time!

First stop was the balloon animals. These guys were good. When they whipped up Brooke's balloon I almost fell over.

Brooke requested Ariel. You can't see but she even had a purple bikini top on!

Madeline got a dog and immediately tried to eat it. Safety hazard to the max!

Then Brooke got her face painted:

Madeline was obsessed with the balloons they had everywhere. She has a pretty nice obsession going on with balloons lately. She spent the entire day like this:
Here is a video of the pure joy and frustration they caused:

They also had caricature artists there and they were awesome! Here is the one of my kids and I think its really good!

By the days end we were ready to go. Brooke had won 2 fabulous rings and also got a snow cone. You can see that Madeline was not thrilled that she did not get her own snow cone. Brooke has become immune to the pinching.

It was an awesome day and we hope they raised lots of money for the foundation! If you'd like to read more about Dr. Waners Foundation, click HERE. We will definitely attend next year if we are still here!


  1. How wonderful that Dr. Waner brings all of his patients together for events like this. Such a fun day!!!

  2. What a fun day!! Madeline cracks me up! She looks really mad about the snow cone!!



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