Monday, June 27, 2011

Miss Independent

My non-rule conforming toddler will no longer let me feed her anything that involves utensils. This is completely my own fault. One night while attempting to cook dinner while she was still awake, I handed her an applesauce and a spoon and let her go to town. It was a huge mess but it bought me 25 minutes of cooking time! I was onto something here! Well that backfired because now she sees anything that involves a spoon and expects to feed herself with it. I am talking screaming, pointing at the spoon, pushing it away if I try to feed her, etc. She is determined! There is really no issue about it right? She is growing up and mastering a skill. However, its a giant mess. She is guaranteed a bath on these nights!

Here she is so proud of herself! You can also see her chipped tooth in all its glory!

1 comment:

  1. oh yes, Logan has been this way too!!! Totally independent eater....good and bad both!!!



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