Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Great Escape

The Ninja is at it again.  This time, we had to get serious.

Yesterday I put Madeline down for what I prayed would be a second nap of the day.  I was downstairs on the computer and had my video monitor on.  Let me remind you that the video monitor had to be purchased after she got her leg stuck in the crib and I had to vaseline her leg out of it.   Anyways, after she fussed for a while I started to hear her scream so I turned the camera on and see this:  Madeline in the corner of the crib with an arm on each side, and BOTH legs on the top of the crib.  She was still on the inside somewhat, but definitely on her way out. 

I have never run so fast in my LIFE.  I ran up to her room and grabbed her before she let go and plunged down onto the hard wood floor.  I put her down again and watched her try to get out two more times before I gave up.  I got her up and Curtis' watched the girls while I ran to Buy Buy Baby to buy a crib tent.   Yes, at 16 months old my daughter needs a tent permanently attached to her crib to keep her in.

Let me just say that the crib tent was harder to assemble than the actual crib!  Curtis and I almost had an assembly divorce (a divorce that occurs while a couple is assembling some type of household product, especially ones for the kids).  $70 and an hour later we had this:

In case you need to buy one, this is the model we got for convertible cribs:  Crib Tent

I can't offer a review just yet as we have only used it for a day, but I am loving it.  The netting goes all the way down to the bottom of the crib so she can't throw anything out!!!  She went to sleep super fast and woke up later (well woke me up later) this morning!  I am thinking its because she can't throw her pacifiers and lovey out and scream 20 times a night.  Hopefully this tent holds up until she is ready for a bed! 


  1. As I said before, Samantha loves hers! Its been great....we are about ready to give it up 2 years, 4 months, it may be time...but definitely not at 16 months! You have your hands full!

  2. I had to get one when my little guy was only 6 months keep his big brother from climbing in and jumping on top of him!! Now, though, it's nice to have since he is always standing up in there and I'm sure he would probably try to figure out how to get out pretty soon. He's tall for his age and I suspect he's going to be our troublemaker. :)



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