Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I recently joined Swagbucks thanks to a friend who invited me.  It's a way to earn free money for basically just using their site.  Normally I am sort of cautious about these kinds of sites since there is usually a catch, but there isn't with this one ! You can earn points by using their search engine, filling out surveys, taking polls, etc.  I am home all day with internet access so its been a great way for me to kill some time and earn "swagbucks".  You also know that I am all about finding bargains and never paying full price for anything! 

You can redeem your swagbucks for gift cards or other prizes.  I have made it my goal to earn enough Amazon.com gift cards to at least cover 50% of Christmas gifts for this year.  I would love to cover it all, but I figured that would be overly ambitious for now LOL.  I will keep you all updated on this goal, but it would be pretty awesome to not pay anything for Christmas gifts which is usually a huge chunk out of our budget (on top of airfare and traveling!).

In almost 3 weeks I have earned $15 in Amazon.com gift cards.  It might not be a lot, but it was more money than I had 3 weeks ago :)  If you want to sign up for Swagbucks and give it a try you can click HERE.  I also put a link in the side bar to the left.   I can help you get started.  Once you get used to it you figure out the easiest ways to earn swagbucks and redeem them for prizes!  Good luck! 

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