Friday, August 12, 2011

What's Grosser than Gross?

What's Grosser than Gross?

Brooke has lice.

Oh and I do too. 

Yes.  I am coming clean.  We have lice.  And its pretty gross.  I would say this even surpasses vomit.  I would rather have vomit.

Poor Brooke has been complaining that her head itches for quite sometime.  Curtis and I blew it off. I swear she just had an anxiety problem and we got onto her about stopping the scratching, etc.

I checked her head 1000x for bugs or lice.  Seriously.  Once I found something that looked like a gnat so I brushed it off.  I saw nothing else.

Then last week, my head started to itch.  It was like my scalp was on fire.  I bought some Head and Shoulders thinking I just had a dry scalp and it did nothing.

Yesterday morning I started putting Brooke itching with my itching together and decided to look at her head one more time.  That's when I found the bastards.  After pulling 3 or 4 out, I did what any mother would do.  First I placed a frantic call to my husband.  He was with a coworker so he calmly said "we will get it handled, don't worry".  This made me laugh but also furious because I was envisioning a lice filled party on my head and was freaking out!  Oh  my God I had lice too.  I called the pediatrician who said to go buy something over the counter, so that's what I did.  I bought every single lice product I could find.

After giving Brooke the 2.5 hour shampoo and comb out, I then had to start on washing everything we own.  Joy.  Like I already didn't have enough laundry that I couldn't get done.  Last night Curtis got the job of giving me my treatment.  He looked at my head over and over and told me he saw nothing and didn't think I had it.  I KNEW I did.  I told him to treat me anyways.  I will spare the details, but yes there was a small village of lice living on me.   He was a good sport but men just don't know how to deal with female hair.  I screamed at least 10 times LOL!

So now we begin the process of fighting off the lice.  Combing, vacuuming, washing, repeat!  I guess I will let you all know in 10 days if we are lice free. If not, I am calling the professional lice ladies to come in.  Yes, this is an actual job that I had no idea existed until yesterday.  They charge $200 an hour, but they deserve it. 

I took Brooke to Toys R Us to let her pick out a gift for the ordeal she has been through.  The beauty of taking a 4 year old to that store and saying "pick out whatever you want" is that she chose a $7 tea seat and a $4 pony.  LOL!

Madeline and Curtis have been spared. I am so glad because there is no time to comb another head in this house right now!  At least its the summer and I didn't have to call school to tell them my child has lice :) 

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  1. My daughter's lice was found by a hairdressing who was cutting her hair. We had to pay her double to get her to finish the cut!



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