Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Privacy please?

I saw this quote last night on Pinterest (my new favorite addiction by the way!). 

This quote really does sum up my life right now.  This is something you NEVER think about before you have kids.  The fact that once you do have them, you have little to no privacy unless they are passed out in bed, and even then it might not be true LOL!   I never used to really get it when I just had Brooke around.  A lot of people would make reference to this "not peeing alone" business and I would just smile and nod.  Brooke always played well alone and I never had to worry about her bothering me in the bathroom.  Plus we had many bathrooms so if I needed privacy I would just go to a different one.

Then I moved to a house with just one bathroom.  All four of us share it.  Now this hasn't been as bad as I had envisioned, its certainly tight quarters.  So needless to say, all bathroom privacy is GONE.  Madeline can't be left alone for a second, and her ninja skills also make it her mission to get into the bathroom and pick up the toilet brush before you can even blink!  It's like she thinks the bathroom is Disneyland and she just can't wait to run in there and explore!

Even when I am showering (when Madeline is asleep of course) I have to leave the door unlocked in case Brooke has to go to the bathroom.  Well this is the downfall of all privacy needs.  You tell a 4 year old "only come in if there is an emergency or if you have to use the bathroom and let me have my privacy while I shower".  The 4 year old hears "please come in every five seconds to tell me something and interrupt my shower".

This is how my shower went the other day.

I hear the door open first.

 me:  What do you need Brooke?
Brooke:  can you button the back of my nightgown?
me:  Brooke is this an emergency?
Brooke:  No
me:  okay I will button it when I am not wet in the shower.  Please leave.

2 minutes later the door opens again.

me:  Brooke what do you need?
Brooke:  mom I think there is a giant black jumping bug in my room.
me:  I will look at it when I am out.
Brooke:  okay but what if it attacks me?
me:  it won't.  go in the playroom until I am done.

2 minutes later she is back again

me:  Brooke I really need privacy
Brooke:  I love you mom.
(great now I feel guilty for being annoyed)
me:  I love you too can you please leave  the bathroom?

She returns yet AGAIN

me:  Brooke is it an emergency???
Brooke:  yes mom I have to go to the bathroom.

Of course you do. 

Ironically whenever Brooke is in the bathroom and I walk in she proclaims:  MOM, I need some privacy please?!   I guess its not a two way street :) 

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