Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brooke's Christmas List (round 1)

Brooke has made her first Christmas list of the season.  I am sure it will change and get longer, which will only make my shopping that much more difficult.  My mom reminded me that we were famous for telling her something new that we wanted like a week before Christmas LOL. 

So here it is.  I am pretty sure she won't be getting 99% of it :)

-Mini Bakery
-Fairy dolls like Barbies
-Roller skates (daddy vetoed)
-Xia Xia crabs (Google it.  They are fake hermit crabs that walk.   NO)
-Balloon animal making kit
-Makeover kit
-Tea party kit
-Brownie Maker
-Lady Bug pillow pet
-Ariel costume with fins that cover my feet (she has an ariel costume that apparently is not up to par)
-Disney Charm school backpack that turns into a house (have no idea what this is!)
-Littlest pet shop stuff
-Dora kitchen (she has already been told no since we already have one!)

I will be sure to keep this list updated.  I think its hilarious the things that she will ask for on a daily basis.  

I also have made a toy list on Amazon made up of gifts my kids will be getting (hopefully) and of some toys we already own but love!

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