Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy 18 Months Madeline!!!

Time flies.  Literally.  How is my baby 18 months old already?  I'm not sad about it.  She's growing up and although still a bonafide Ninja, she's getting easier to reason with at least.  We also can leave the house and do fun things and at least make it productive.  Easier but harder at the same time :) 

Here she was just a  year ago:

At 6 months she was a pretty mellow baby.  Fairly content to just chill out in the house, play with some toys, etc.  I LOVE that age.  She smiled at everything and was not mobile yet.

Here she is today at 18 months:

Her toddler hood is proving to be somewhat of a challenge.  She loves life and is eager to try new things and do everything her big sister does.  I mean EVERYTHING. 

Favorite foods:  Cheese, any type of fruit, chicken nuggets, yogurt, applesauce, mum mums, veggie chips, goldfish, cheez-its, juice, milk, pancakes, waffles, bananas, and macaroni and cheese.  She is not as adventurous as Brooke was in terms of eating, but still a great eater. 

Current words:  milk, please, more, ipod (LOL), Brooke, Mickey, Elmo (and all of the sesame street characters), shoes, socks, cheese, crackers, cookies, dog, cat, bird, Guinness, eat, open, help, bye bye, monkey, out, mama, dada, grandma, grandpa, circle, star, square, book, get down, pass (for her paci), ant (for her elephant), car, diaper, pee pee, and bath.  I am sure she has more but I can't think of them all!  She is talking so much earlier than Brooke did, which I think is a good thing because she has such a temper.

Body parts she knows:  teeth, mouth, nose, eyes, cheeks, hair, belly, feet, chin, and toes. 

Madeline is also proving to be just as hilarious as her big sis.  She is starting to perform for everyone and gets on tables to sing!  She and Brooke are starting to play together which is so fun to watch.  Of course they fight, but as Madeline's language progresses I think they will have great fun. 

She keeps us very very busy.  We can't turn our backs for 10 seconds without her getting into something.  So different from her big sis. Loves to climb, jump, spin, dance, etc.   As her personality emerges, I am excited (and a wee bit scared) to see what kind of little kid she becomes  :)

Happy 18 months Madeline! 



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