Friday, October 7, 2011

Brooke's take on Columbus Day

Brooke brought home a very cute Columbus Day picture.  She finger painted the water, cut out a boat, etc.  The typical preschool craft.

I asked her what this craft was about.  Here is our conversation:

Brooke, what is this craft about?

Brooke:  Christopher Humungous

Christopher Humungous huh?  What did he do?

Brooke:  Well he sailed in a boat and found our country.

Yes that's right.  How long ago did he do that?

Brooke:   Like 59 years ago mom.

59 years huh?  How long did it take him to find America?

Brooke:  59 years!

How many ships did he use?

Brooke:  He used three but I only drew one.  Actually, I put it on sideways but then I fixed it.

Okay, can you remember anything else?

Brooke:  yes!  We don't have school Monday to celebrate his Birthday!

Okay, close enough :)

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