Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Help! My toddler wants to potty train and I don't want her to.

A while back I wrote an entire post about how there is absolutely no bathroom privacy in this house.  You can read about it HERE.  Madeline pretty much watches everything that goes on in there (minus daddy of course LOL).  She sees Brooke go to the bathroom, says what she is doing, watches her every move, etc.  This is now truly working against me and here is why:  Madeline wants to potty train.  Yes, I am complaining about this.  NO this is not a brag.  I really really really don't want her potty trained right now.

First of all, she is 17 months old (okay two days shy of 18 months).  I can barely keep my eye on her long enough to prevent her from scaling the couch, standing on the top of it, and jumping off.  The thought of her 20 lb body running around in underwear would be cute, but not cute enough for me to have to take her potty in public places just yet.

She started showing signs during the summer.  She would tell me she was going poop, etc.  I just thought it was cute and glad she knew what was up.  Well this week its at a whole new level.  Yesterday she told me she was pooping twice while she was going and then pulled at her diaper until I changed her.  Then today was the kicker.  Before bath time she was in just a diaper while I was getting things ready.  Madeline then proceeded to take her diaper off while saying pee pee.  Once naked she then bent over to stare at her girly parts and await the arrival of the pee pee apparently.  Well I scooped her up and sat her on the potty where she promptly FREAKED OUT.  Okay well that's working towards my advantage LOL.  So I took her off and as I went to turn the bath water on I hear "PEE PEE" and yes, she was peeing all over the bathroom floor.

So what now???  I guess I need to dust off the old mini potty and find it a home in the bathroom.  Madeline is a full year younger than when Brooke was potty trained.  Brooke never even showed signs, I just had to put her through potty training bootcamp at 2.5.   That was pretty normal I thought.  All of my friends kids trained around the same time. 

Do they even make underwear in size 18 months ?  HAHA!  I never thought of that.....  Am I a bad mother if I don't embrace this premature motivation to potty train?  Frankly, its easier to have my 17ish month old in diapers for a bit longer.  However, if she keeps ripping off her diaper before she goes, I am going to have major problems. 

I do have something good in my back pocket.  Madeline is addicted to candy corn.  ADDICTED.  (yes she is my second child and has had candy.  Brooke never had a piece until well over 2).  Maybe the candy corn addiction would work to my advantage?

Please tell me if you have potty trained a child under the age of two and how did you do it?  Is it even worth my time?  Do I just close my eyes and ignore the signs and hope I don't miss my window? 

Sale Time!!!!  

I also want to tell you about a sale from one of our sponsors, Layla Grace.    They are offering a special discount for my blog readers this week!

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It's also CrockPot Wednesday!

Wow I have a lot to blog about today!  Here is a new recipe I tried.  Sorry, no links.

Southwest Crockpot Chicken

1-1.5 lb chicken - breasts or tenderloins (You can even put it in there frozen!)
1 (8 oz) pkg cream cheese
1 (15 oz) can whole kernel corn
1 (15 oz) can black beans
1 can rotel (or you can use 15 oz jar of salsa)

Throw it all in the crockpot and cook on low for 4-6 hours.  We put it in tortillas and made burritos, but you could eat it alone over rice.

Happy Wednesday!

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